Play-Doh Official | Happy Mexican Independence Day!!! | Play-Doh Show Stop Motion

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Описание видео: Our fun filled channel has loads of cool and exciting videos to keep everyone entertained and everything is made using our amazing Play-Doh compound! Our Learning time Nursery Rhymes will introduce kids to the world of learning in a fun and simple way! Subscribe to the Play-Doh Channel: Happy Mexican Independence Day!!! The Play-Doh show features the silly, but lovable, Doh-dohs getting up to all sorts of crazy antics! #PlayDohLearning #PlayDoh #BringHomeTheFun #Hasbro #ThePlayDohShow #StopMotion FOR PARENTS Official Play-Doh Facebook: Official Play-Doh Instagram: Welcome to Play-Doh Official where kids and adults alike can let their imaginations go wild. Oddly satisfying brings you variety of weird and cool videos such as ASMR music videos and much more!... From nursery rhymes to funny clips the channel has something for everyone and you’ll even see appearances from some of your favourite characters including: Baby Shark, My Little Pony, Transformers Bumblebee, The Power Rangers, Paw Patrol and many more!

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